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Multitone Music specialises in Chinese Traditional Instrument/ Music -- Guzheng, Zhongruan and Liuqin. We are based in Singapore and we provide services such as performance, events, education, teaching/lessons.

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Everything about Guzheng & Zhongruan/Liuqin

Want to know more about Guzheng and Ruan/ Liuqin, this is your one-stop location for it -- we provide you everything about it ranging from performances, educational purpose to music creations (compositions/ arrangements). We provide Guzheng and Zhongruan/ Liuqin lessons!

 Guzheng, Zhongruan and Liuqin Lessons/ Education  ●  Performance ● Music Composition/ Arrangement

Guzheng, Zhongruan and Liuqin Lessons/ Education ● Performance ● Music Composition/ Arrangement

                             Instructors  ●  Performers

                            Instructors ● Performers

                         Music Videos and Productions

                        Music Videos and Productions



Company Vision/ Mission


The Company aims to provide and promote awareness of Chinese Instrumental music through a series of performances and education. We believe in providing a well-balanced and holistic education to equip and inspire students to become fully developed and passionate learners/musicians with strong fundamentals along with creative thinking and individualism. We aim to promote and recreate the style, genre and presentation of this form of Traditional Art, yet retaining the Traditional and Classical aspect of Chinese Music.

                                                                    "We believe in delivering the best."


Interested in purchasing accessories to aid your Guzheng learning? 

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Interested in taking up Guzheng, Zhongruan or Liuqin lessons? 

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Interested in customising your own song?  

Our arrangers/ composers will deliver you the song of your choice! We specialise in various genres!

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